Title: “Untold”
Concept: Intimate letters embodying self-reflection and support
Mentorship: Guidance and support provided by Andrew Phelps.
Purpose: To uncover untold narratives of war and prioritize simple life's essence
Insight: Emphasizes the unseen and profound through personal experiences

Untold is an intimate portrayal encapsulating the emotions experienced during times of war.
Through simple portraits of women intertwined with their letters to those experiencing the war abroad, the book seeks to unravel the untold narratives.
The title 'Untold' not only reflects the side of the my own journey but also delves into the self-reflection and support embedded within these letters.
Each page exudes the unspoken truths of a simpler life, revealing the raw essence of human priorities.

The book showcases letters written in Ukrainian, complemented by accessible translations via interactive elements (translucent paper) within the book. This unique feature not only allows readers to experience the narrative in two languages but also provides a glimpse into the authenticity of the letters through Cyrillic handwriting.

 Mockup of openbook

Format: A5
Cover: Handmade cloth-bound cover
Interactive Element: Translucent paper overlays facilitate letter translation
Languages: English & Ukrainian