Sensitive content

Title: "Sensitive Content"
Concept: Overlaying relatable images with "sensitive content" alerts to highlight potential post-traumatic stress disorder triggers
Mentorship: Guidance provided by Viktoria Schneider-Kirjuchina
Purpose: Empowering understanding and support for individuals impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder

Inspired by personal experiences, this project aims to raise awareness about the hidden struggles faced by those living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the urgent need for understanding and support.

This project explores how ordinary images can become triggering reminders for individuals who have undergone traumatic experiences. The first picture you see upon entering the project serves as a sensitive content warning, showing that the visuals behind might evoke strong emotional responses or traumatic memories.

The primary objective of “Sensitive content” is to raise awareness about PTSD triggers and how they can stem from seemingly harmless images, sounds, smells, etc.

By highlighting these triggers in a social media context, the campaign seeks to educate and encourage empathy among viewers, by normalizing the discussion around PTSD triggers and their impact, we aim to create an environment where seeking help is seen as a proactive step towards healing, ultimately fostering a society that supports the journey to mental well-being for those affected by PTSD.