Title: Komoot Redesign
Concept: Market Research to UI Upgrade
Mentorship: Guidance provided by Thomas Hitthaler
Purpose: Transforming Komoot for better user experince
Insight: Modern design, seamless user experience

For my university project, I focused on enhancing Komoot—a navigation and route planning app.

Tasked with a redesign, I started my journey to improve its functionality. Beginning with in-depth market research, gained insights into Komoot and similar applications. Transitioning to user research, my focus was in on the interaction between persona and interface.
Next phases involved prototyping and wireframing, leading to the refinement of the UI design.

As an addition , based on my use case, a new feature was introduced - now you can select a personalized travel companion, making the overall exploration experience better.

The Komoot app faces challenges in user engagement and premium subscription adoption due to a complex user interface, unclear navigation, and an insufficient onboarding process. 

In a competitive market where competitors showcase modern, well-crafted designs to attract clients, our  app is in need of a redesign. To stay ahead, our focus should be on enhancing user experience, optimizing functionality, and ensuring our app not only meets but exceeds user expectations within the climbing community.


Home page updates:

  • Quick Access to Profile and Menu
    Streamline navigation by enabling users to access their profile and menu directly from the home page.

  • Collections of Routes
    Introducing different collections of routes, providing users with diverse and curated options for their adventures.

  • Sport Selection
    Enhance user experience by allowing easy selection of the type of sport, catering to individual preferences and interests.

Main page

Buddy feature
NEW Buddy Feature:

• Alerts

Get notified every time there's a message from your buddies

Easy acces
The feature is available on the New Explore page

Plan Together
Connect with buddies to plan and organize workouts. Easily discover and connect with buddies who share similar fitness interests, enabling joint route planning for outdoor adventures.

And so much more!