Best things happen if you are smiling and naked

Title:"Best things happen when you're smiling and naked"
Concept: Showcasing the journey of self-acceptance through vulnerable expressions
Mentorship: University Task, Hermann Seidl
Purpose: To encourage self-love and confidence by embracing inner beauty and feminine essence
Insight: Capturing the beauty in vulnerability and the empowerment of self-acceptance

This is a photography book that tells reader about acceptance of women's bodies and feminine energy.
Through portraits, personal stories, and thought-provoking quotes, the book shows the journey of self-acceptance.

Despite the beauty captured in these photographs, the women portrayed are struggling with self-acceptance, often hiding even the most subtle aspects of their bodies, such as legs, reflecting inner insecurities.
However, through these evocative images and expressions, the project aims to illustrate that genuine happiness starts from embracing one's naked soul and beauty.

It serves as an important reminder that a woman truly finds contentment and joy when she embraces and accepts herself, allowing her inner essence to shine brightly.

Mockup of book

Format: A5
Cover: Soft cover
Content: Portraits of women with accompanying stories and quotes
Languages: English